The cell phone law and bicyclists

The in basket: Kathryn Simpson wonders about the applicability to bicyclists of the ban on cell phone and texting while driving.

“Several times in the past couple of weeks I have seen kids riding their bikes on public roads and talking on their cell phone or texting,” she said. “Can they be cited? Does it make a difference if they don’t have a driver’s license?

“What about me, as a licensed driver, if I’m riding my bicycle on a public road and talking or texting, can I be cited?”

The out basket: No, the two laws that forbid holding a cell phone to one’s ear or texting while at the wheel specify that they apply to moving motor vehicles. So use of a cell phone while bicycling, skateboarding, or otherwise on a rider-powered vehicle is not prohibited.

Despite the “moving” specification in those laws, Trooper Krista Hedstrom, spokesman for the State Patrol  detachment in Bremerton says, it does not allow use of cell phones or texting while stopped in the roadway briefly, such as at a traffic signal.

5 thoughts on “The cell phone law and bicyclists

  1. Hahaha, If you can actually text on your cell phone and ride your bike at the same time I think you should go join the circus…

  2. What about a gas or electric powered recumbent trike? They are cycles with power assist for those who need it on occasion – not all the time.

    Where do they fall into the cell phone text/talk action/non-action?
    Legal or Illegal?
    Sharon O’Hara

  3. I’m surprised that they would issue a ticket for talking on a cell phone while stopped. Shouldn’t that be a ticket for impeding traffic. Would you really cite a driver for stopping to talk on the cell phone, just because he was at a stop sign or not fully off the road? I could just see it. Police officer coming around a corner and notices someone talking on a cell phone at a 4-way stop, not impeding traffice. How would that be grounds for a ticket

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