Lake Flora Road intersection could get improvements

The in basket: Suzy Lee writes, “I live in Belfair and go to work in Seattle at 4:30 a.m. via the Southworth ferry.  My route is Belfair to Lake Flora Road and on to the ferry.

“This is a recent route for me and I find the intersection on Highway 3 hard to see.  I signal but have had to slow down to see the turnoff.  It seems to me that there (should) be an overhead light at that intersection and, if so, can the powers thar be get a light installed?”

The out basket: Steve Bennett, traffic operations engineer for the Olympic Region of state highways, says it might happen.

“For the upcoming session, we are proposing that the Legislature fund the design and construction of improvements at the intersection, that will include illumination,” he said. “We should know by next April if they decide to fund the project.”

One thought on “Lake Flora Road intersection could get improvements

  1. In response to your column on 11-17-2010, Suzy Lee wrote in to say that the intersection at Rte 3 and Lake Flora Road seemed very dark and it was difficult to tell where to turn at 4:30 AM. I am not sure what the response from Steve Bennett means when he says that someday there will possibly be illumination there. I don’t think he ever drives past the place in question.

    There is currently a street light at that location. It is located on the southeast corner of the intersection. It has been lighted for many years but I noticed about two weeks ago that it was burned out. I meant to call someone to report it but it is the kind of thing that you remember when you see it and then forget about when you get home. Her question reminded me of the problem and I double checked on my way by there last night to make sure of the location of the light.

    Not only does it make it hard to see where to turn if you are traveling on Rte 3 but when you are on Lake Flora and approaching Rte 3, it is hard to see where the road ends. With the high number of drunk and drinking drivers around here, it makes for a potentially lethal situation.

    I still haven’t figured out who to call about this but knew that if I wrote to you, you do have that contact information and you would be able to let them know. Thanks for your help and keep up the good work, Travis.

    John Keister

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