New railing on Warren Avenue Bridge is panned

The in basket: Four readers have commented on an earlier column on the Road Warrior blog at, about the raising of the railings on the Warren Avenue Bridge in Bremerton. All said the work, being done at night, is a waste of money.

Gary Reed was the first, saying, “It appears the upgrade to the bridge is to install new barriers that are 4 inches taller than the old. Seems a colossal waste of money when the budget is supposedly so tight. The money could have been spent to repair the bridge deck. It’s projects like this that make me believe the wailing for more taxes is unfounded, and the state has a surplus,” he said.

You can see the other three similar comments on the blog.

The out basket: It might not change their minds, but the commenters probably are reacting to what they can see so far, rather than the finished project.

Jeff Cook, the project engineer, says crews so far have only replaced some of the concrete barriers separating pedestrian and vehicle traffic with others that are actually only three inches taller, not four. That railing now is a patchwork of old and new concrete.

Yet to come, Jeff said, are metal railings atop the new concrete, and extensions to be bolted to the outside railings, raising them. When it’s complete, both barriers on each side of the bridge will be four-feet-six-inches tall.

I asked him for the rationale behind this and other similar bridge jobs around the nation, and he said, ” The drive behind the project comes down to simply this: safety.  Safety for errant vehicles, safety for pedestrians and bicyclists using the sidewalk.”

The actual price tag is $1,169,746.97. Federal money provides 98 percent of it, Jeff said.

As for the condition of the bridge deck, you can see what state officials have to say about that in a Road Warrior column on the blog dated June 23 of this year.

One thought on “New railing on Warren Avenue Bridge is panned

  1. I have to thank The Road Warrior for looking into this, but I have to wonder how much money would have been saved by simply attaching the steel railings to the existing barriers. As I said earlier, money seems to not be a concern to the state, regardless of the source.

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