Rough bounce on freeway bridge is repaired

The in basket: Cheryl Larson wrote in early August about the seams on the west end of the Sedgwick Road freeway bridge over Highway 16, saying, “The area where the road butts up to the bridge seriously needs to be repaired. The cars in both directions, on the end of the overpass going west towards the Albertson’s bumps really hard and its hard on the car.

“Both my husband and I travel that route several times a day and the wear and tear it is putting on our cars suspensions is ridiculous. The east side of the overpass isn’t so bad if you straddle the normal  tire wear area, but the other side of it is bad.”

The out basket: I passed her complaint along to my contact in the state Department of Transportation, though I had trouble finding the problem until I drove it in my 18-year-old pickup truck rather than my 2008 Mazda 3.

The state agreed with Cheryl and thanked her for bringing the jolt to their attention. They fixed it Sept. 9, said Lisa Copeland, the state contact.

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