Silverdale Way repaving still coming

The in basket: Lee Hanson wonders what became of plans to permanently repair Silverdale Way near Carlton Street, where a water main break last fall produced a rough temporary patch.

The last he (and I) had heard, Silverdale Water District was doing temporary repairs as needed at Kitsap County’s direction until the district was ready to replace some aging water mains in that area this summer, after which a permanent repaving would be done.

The out basket: Work will begin soon, says General Manager Morgan Johnson of the water district.

They didn’t want to have the road torn up during last weekend’s Whaling Days, he said, but the contractor they have chosen for the $195,000 project, Liden Land Development, has been busy elsewhere. So it may begin the first week in August. He hopes it will be complete by the end of August, before school starts, Morgan said.

It means the street will be torn up during the Kitsap County Fair, he said, but if the county approves, Liden will do the work at night, minimizing that impact. They’ll be digging on one side of the road or the other between Lowell Street and Anderson Hill Road.

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