Timing slip-up slowed shipyard traffic

The in basket: Darrell Franks of Union e-mailed to say, “I wonder if you can find out what’s going on with traffic signal timing at the intersections of Burwell and Montgomery, and Burwell and Callow (in Bremerton).

The lights are badly mis-timed, causing traffic to back up terribly after 4 p.m., when shipyard traffic becomes heavy.

“As they are timed now,” Darrell said, “the Montgomery light will be green while the Callow light is red, which does no good at all. When the Callow light turns green, the Montgomery light goes red, which allows a relative handful of traffic to move from Burwell onto Callow.

“This problem began about three weeks ago, and I expected it to be solved by now,” he said.

The out basket: I don’t find myself in commuter traffic much anymore, being retired, but I had seen exactly what Darrell described twice this month at shipyard quitting time. I hit the backup on Burwell back at Olympic Avenue and watched the odd signal changes as I crawled forward. I wondered if it was always that bad.

Jeff Collins of the city of Bremerton signal shop said Darrell made a good call on when the problem started.

About two or three weeks ago his shop changed the batteries and reset the clocks in the controllers that keep the lights more or less in sync, he said..

‘I found one of the intersections exactly one minute off on the clocks,” he said Wednesday. It should be better now.

“Thanks for the heads up,” he said, a commendation that really should go to Darrell. I’m surprised he’s the only one who complained.

3 thoughts on “Timing slip-up slowed shipyard traffic

  1. That light has been mis-timed for awhile. Maybe most people, like me, simply regarded it as a typical Bremerton traffic light, like Hwy 303, and like the still unpaved 4th and Pacific intersection, where the 1/4 million dollar tourist attraction sits.

  2. I sit in that traffic several times a week and it has backed up as far as Naval Ave and beyone at times. I actually counted cars one time as I was inching down the hill and roughly 20 cars (10 in each lane) would get through the light at a time and the last 2 were probably stretching the yellow light on Montgomery a little. Since it’s summer now, I don’t have to go through there as much but I hope this gets fixed for everyone’s sake.

  3. Thanks Mr. Baker! I had no idea to whom to complain about the problem, but traffic is MUCH better since you contacted Mr. Collins.

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