Who cleans up pavement after a crash?

The in basket: Bill Dagsaan called to ask who is responsible for cleaning broken glass and other debris from the roadway after a collision.

There was an accident on Warren Avenue in Bremerton between Sixth and 11th streets early in early June and there was still a lot of glass on the pavement after the emergency vehicles left, Bill said.

“I felt it was a hazard to passing traffic,” he said.

The out basket: Lt. Pete Fisher of the Bremerton police traffic division says the state administrative code (WAC) includes s section saying, “Tow truck operators are required to clean collision/incident scenes of all vehicle glass, debris, and vehicle liquid spills of one gallon or less.”

“If a spill is bigger,” Pete said, “then we call the fire department or street department.  If it is small debris and does not impact traffic and or safety, the officer will have CenCom contact the street sweeper to go

through the area.”

The on-scene officer is charged with seeing that it gets done, he said.

State Trooper Krista Hedstrom of the Bremerton detachment says tow truck drivers are usually the ones who clean up state highway scenes, but the state

Department of Transportation sometimes does it or helps.

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