Bike lanes on Olalla-Valley Road a long way off

The in basket: Heidi Bennett says Olalla Valley Road in South Kitsap “is extremely popular with bicyclists all year long. It looks to be a fine ride with few hills, so it is no wonder,” she said.

“I’ve often wanted to ride/walk it. However, Olalla Valley has very little to no shoulders at all.  Has the county considered building a bike lane, or at the very least, some decent shoulders?

“I’m sure it would be much appreciated by bicyclists, walkers, and motorists alike,” she said.

The out basket: Nothing like that is being planned anytime soon, says Doug Bear of Kitsap County Public Works, citing the county’s six-year road plan.

The county bicycle plan does mention Olalla Valley Road, but lists the adding of bike lanes there as the 63rd priority out of 127 potential projects.

It’s shown on the bike plan map as part of the Beach Drive bike trail, proceeding past Manchester via Colchester and Southworth drives, then Banner Road, and continues on to the Pierce County line after Olalla-Valley Road becomes Crescent Valley Road.

One thought on “Bike lanes on Olalla-Valley Road a long way off

  1. How about bikes being licensed? If you buy a 2K bike and $400 for special clothing to look cool, why not BE cool and pay for your own special road.

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