Is it legal to drive wearing open-toed shoes?


The in basket: Jimmy James of Kingston e-mailed to say, “Someone warned me that it is illegal to drive with open-toed shoes. Is this true? How about other footwear such as sandals, crocks, ski boots etc? ”

The out basket: I’d never heard of such a law, but have heard off and on for years that it might be illegal to drive barefoot. The idea seemed to be that a sharp pebble might lodge in the brake pedal or on one’s foot, causing a driver enough unexpected pain to stop braking long enough to have a crash. That might be even more likely to occur with flip-flops, sandals and even open-toes shoes that could trap something sharp between the foot and the shoe.

But Trooper Krista Hedstrom of the State Patrol office in Bremerton says there is no such law, in either case. “There is no law to specify what type of footwear must be worn while driving, or even if any must be worn,” she said.

One thought on “Is it legal to drive wearing open-toed shoes?

  1. I’ve been driving for nearly 15 years, and I remember hearing this as a youth as well. All my life I have felt guilty for starting up the ole engine with sandals on the feet, and even more guilty for slipping them off on the hottest days… Something about the feel of the gas pedal and my bare foot… I feel more connected to the road. But now that I know it isn’t a petty crime, I wonder if I will get the same rush from it… Time will tell!

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