Pavement losing its color at Burley-Olalla

The in basket: As I drove north on Highway 16 past the new Burley-Olalla Road interchange recently, i thought the wheel paths in the pavement had lost more of their black coloration than I would have expected. The asphalt looked more like what I see on aging parts of I-5, but without the obvious rutting and the loud tire noise. 

I asked if the asphalt wasn’t wearing well.

The out basket: The project engineer for the interchange project, Brenden Clarke, says the loss of color is normal.

“It is typical for asphalt pavement to fade to gray in about nine months,” he said. “The pavement is actually wearing well.”

2 thoughts on “Pavement losing its color at Burley-Olalla

  1. It does not seem to rank as high as installing curb bulbs to place the fish statues. As Carlos Jara of the Bremerton Downtown Association stated though they need the curb bulbs so they have more room for “festivals”. These are the folks in Bremerton who promote themselves as leaders.

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