Bond Road right turners might get a green arrow light


The in basket: Val Tangen of Hansville thinks right turn traffic from Bond Road to northbound Highway 3 in Poulsbo could be made to clear more quickly. 

“As you come to the light on Bond Road and want to turn right and go up the hill to (Highway) 3, there is a right turn lane,” she noted. 

“Why can’t there be a right-turn arrow when the traffic going towards Poulsbo/Bainbridge is making left turns on their arrow?”

Each car now must come to a stop before proceeding with that turn though no conflicting traffic can be coming.

The out basket: It might be done, says Don Anders of the Olympic Region signal shop for state highways here.

But there is a crosswalk there from one side of Highway 305 to the other. Pedestrians can be endangered by a right turn arrow if drivers make the turn carelessly, emboldened by the green arrow. 

Chances are there are very few pedestrians who cross there, as there is no development on the north side of Bond Road on either side of the highway. The crosswalk on the south side of that intersection would be more useful to most people on foot. That may be a deciding factor.

They’ve been approved to spend the money if the pedestrian issue can be resolved, Don said.

3 thoughts on “Bond Road right turners might get a green arrow light

  1. Police could make a bundle if they were to visit the dedicated turn lane to southbound Hwy 3, immediately past the preceeding stoplight.

    The number of those forcing their way into the lane while showing a total lack of courtesy and complete disregard for others’ safety is way too high. (Do these people shop like this? All elbows, and get the hell out a my way?)

    Failure-to-yield tickets could be issued by the hundreds on any given day. I would love to see police enforcement in that location. Or, far better, a re-thinking of the present situation. Possibly a dedicated right turn northbound to Hwy 3. Watchya think?

  2. Stop and think; when traffic on Bond is(are?) making a left turn towards Poulsbo, Bainbridge, the opposing traffic, from the short Bond in front of the Medical Center, is turning left onto northbound 305.

    If a vehicle making that left obeys the rules, and remains in it’s own (inner) lane, no problem. But how many actually do this? Many, from habit, will simply turn left from short Bond into the outer (right) lane, into which a green right arrow is already freely permitting other traffic.

    It’s a bit similar to northbound traffic heading towards Hwy 3; the right-hand lane for them ends in a right-turn-only lane at the light. Therefore, a car turning right on red (from Bond)should have a new, and clear lane. But vehicles often change lanes in the intersection, making the right lane unsafe for a free right turn, until all northbound traffic has cleared.

  3. Clarification:

    Make the right-hand LANE a dedicated right-turn-only onto northbound Hwy 3.

    Just like the right-turn-lane at the intersection of Bond and 305.

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