Much longer right lane coming on Warren at 11th

The in basket: Michael Drouin wants to know “when will the widening of Warren Avenue (right-turn lane extension), north of 11th Street begin and how many weeks will this construction work be ongoing?”

The out basket: It will be done next year or the year after, says Larry Matel, the city of Bremerton street engineer. 

They are just beginning to acquire the right of way, which can be time-consuming if the city and affected property owners can’t come to an easy agreement. 

Its main objective is to lengthen the current outside right turn lane to about three times its current length, says Larry.  

“Currently, we are planning on eliminating the double-right and making it a single lane,” he said, “but part of that is dependent on the interaction with Olympic College and their future parking lot design.”

I don’t think that issue matters much. I almost never see anyone turn right from the second lane over and I think a lot of drivers don’t even know it’s permissible.

But the extra length of the outside lane will be greatly appreciated. It’s common to see that lane sealed off by those in the next lane over waiting to go straight ahead. Keeping those right turners flowing will do wonders for the backups on Warren

 Also part of the project, Larry says, is widening the sidewalk there from four or five feet to eight feet. 

He expects actual construction to take no more than 30 to 45 days, he said.

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