Auto Center Way speed limit questioned


The in basket: Rod DeGuzman of Silverdale asks, “Can you please explain to me while the speed limit in Auto Center Way is posted at 25 mph (and not)  35 mph since this street looks like a commercial zone vice a residential road. 

“Even Ridgetop Boulevard, which I believed is a residential street, has a posted speed limit of 35 mph and to assist with the school bus / student crossing hours had installed flashing lights to warn drivers when children are present in the street.”

The out basket: The lower speed limit on Bremerton’s Auto Center Way has never seemed odd to me, given all its hills and curves, including the combination of both where a lot of not yet licensed  drivers come and go from the state Department of Licensing office.

Ridgetop Boulevard, a county road, has a wide median to separate directions of travel and has better sight distances.

But it’s simpler than that, says Paul Wandling of the city of Bremerton. “County roads are typically posted 35,” he said. “Most city streets are posted 25 even when an adjacent county lane (same street) has the opposite direction posted 35.”

2 thoughts on “Auto Center Way speed limit questioned

  1. “…. where a lot of not yet licensed drivers come and go from the state Department of Licensing office. ”

    Licensing office moved to East Bremerton years ago. It’s about making people slow down to see the shiny new cars….

  2. Well, so it seems. I thought the East Bremerton location was just an alternative and didn’t realize the one on Auto Center Way had closed. Thanks for the correction.
    But I don’t think you’ll find any shiny new cars for sale along Auto Center Way anymore.

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