Catch-22 in old bridge’s HOV lane

 The in basket: Ken Luzbetak of Bremerton said in an e-mail, “The other night I saw a Washington State Patrol running with lights and sirens across the old Tacoma Narrows bridge toward Gig Harbor in the HOV lane. There was a car ahead of him. I couldn’t see how it turned out, but should the driver ahead of him changed lanes on the bridge (despite it’s being prohibited) or fail to yield (against the law) and make the WSP change lanes?”

The out basket: A driver in the HOV lane on the old bridge should proceed until he or she is past the grates that separate the lanes and then pull over for the officer, says Trooper Krista Hedstrom of the Bremerton detachment. 

“The troopers that work in the Gig Harbor detachments will usually shut off lights and sirens as they cross the bridge for (this) very reason,” she said.  “However, there may be times that a trooper will continue with lights and sirens across the old bridge. The recommendation – wait until you are safely across the bridge, then move out of the way.”

The difference in traction between the grates and the pavement is the main reason lane changes are forbidden on the old bridge.



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