Two ‘Your Speed Is…’ signs draw comment

The in basket: Ian MacKenzie and Don Baker have sent in questions about a pair of electronic signs that tell drivers their speed when they pass. 

Ian says about the sign that was on Silverdale Way just south of Byron Street, “I think it  is a great tool and I am sure it has greatly reduced speeds in the area. 

But whenever he has seen such a thing elsewhere, it always has had a speed limit sign attached, he said. 

“What good is a sign telling you how fast you are going if you don’t know what the speed limit is?” he asked, noting that the closest speed limit sign is back near Byron. “If you missed  it, you are out of luck before they are telling you how fast you are  going.”

Don is among hundreds, I’m sure, including me, who wonder if the City of Port Orchard’s similar sign half way down Mile Hill ever will be working again.

The out basket: After Ian asked his question, the county moved the electronic Silverdale sign, as they said they might when they put it in. It’s on Salmonberry Road in South Kitsap now.

“This sign is only a loaner from a vendor,” says Callene Abernathy of the county public works department.  “It has proven somewhat

effective and we have received mostly positive feedback.  At this point

we are going to have to decide if they are effective enough to warrant

the $10,000 cost, and also how we would deploy them (i.e. permanent mount

vs. relocatable installs).  

“If we were to purchase our own signs, we would definitely put them on longer poles, so a speed limit sign could be mounted on the sign,” Callene said.

Commander Geoffrey Marti of Port Orchard police says the sign on Mile Hill has quit working but they won’t leave it that way. They’ve ordered some parts for it, but it is not something the city is required to do, so it has a lower priority than some other things, especially when money is tight, he said.


Don prefaced his question about the speed sign by giving the county and its contractor a pat on the back for the recent work on Lake Flora Road. He called it “an outstanding job and done ahead of schedule, I think. If you have not been there you should take a ride and see the nice job,” he suggested.



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