Transit center gets a clock tower

The in basket: Kitsap Transit’s expanded base on Charleston Avenue in Bremerton is boasting a sharp-looking tower clock. 

I asked where it came from.

The out basket: Wendy Clark-Getzin, Transit’s capital development director, replied, “The clock tower, installed Sept. 24, was originally built for the Bremerton First Street Dock. Rice Fergus Architects designed the clock and a companion canopy system,” which kept foot ferry patrons out of the weather.  

“When the wooden dock was demolished and replaced with the current steel passenger-only-ferry dock, the clock was relocated to the intersection of First and Washington and remained in the Bremerton Transportation Center care.  

“When the tunnel project began, the clock needed to be stored for over a year by Tri-State Construction.  Plans to return it to where it was changed and the clock was relocated to Hanson Signs for a few months while Fischer General Construction prepared the way for (the recent) installation.” Fischer General is the contractor on the Charleston base improvements.

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