When will Pacific Avenue be restored?

The in basket: Dave Peterson writes, “My wife and I moved to downtown Bremerton from Silverdale a little over a year ago. What is the final plan for Pacific Avenue after so many parts of the street have been torn up and ‘repaired’ in a less than finished manner – and what is the time line? 

I can’t believe all the temporary repairs and curbing destruction is to be left as is.  Are there federal funds being used?” 

The out basket: Larry Matel, city of Bremerton street engineer, replied, “The situation at the corner of Burwell and Pacific is left from the recently completed tunnel project and will be finished early in 2010.   

“The City is the recipient of a grant to complete the renovation of Pacific from Burwell to 5th in a fashion similar to what you see between 5th and 6th. The project is in design and will be open for contractor bidding in December or January.  

“The corner of Burwell and Pacific was not finished with the tunnel in anticipation of this forthcoming project and not wanting to build something final there, only having to remove it within the next year.”

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