Lund Avenue lane markings are completed

The in basket: Tom Wetterlind in June said “If you are on Tremont Street (in Port Orchard) and go over the overpass and start up the hill on the other side, there are cuts made in the road when they repaired it. There is a ton of them, In evening in the rain, they all look like centerlines. When you get up to the top when it becomes Lund (Avenue), the slashes all run parallel to the road.”

The out basket: This was an issue last winter and spring after heavy sanding and plowing during the winter snow siege took off most of the lane reflectors and stripes. The sealant that creates the reflections to which Tom objects increased the uncertainty about where the edges of the lanes were.

Since then Kitsap County has restriped its portion of that street (completion of the portion inside Port Orchard’s city limits is pending) and used a newly acquired grinding machine to create recesses into which the lane reflectors have been put so that snow plows blades skim over them and don’t pop them off. 

That’s all the county plans to do there to delineate the lanes, says Doug Bear of the county public works staff, so those who still are confused by the shine off the sealant will have to use the lane stripes and recessed reflectors to be sure they aren’t straddling lanes.

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