Painting party detour no different than others

The in basket: Alexis McKinnon e-mailed Aug. 4 to say, “Last weekend in Port Orchard, Highway 166 through downtown was closed. (Traffic) was then re-routed up Kitsap Street, left on Rockwell, then back onto Bay Street (heading in an easterly direction).  

“I live on Kitsap and I do not remember a time when Highway 166 was re-routed onto this street.  I understood if (it) was to be re-routed it would be up Kitsap Street, then south on Sidney to Lund. 
“I was very surprised by the amount of traffic on our normally quiet street,” she said, “with no patrols to ensure cars followed the speed limit or stopped at the stop signs. 

“The truck route was directed up Port Orchard Boulevard and onto Lund, which is a perfect re-route, considering there’s only one home on the entire road, and it’s a three-lane road (two uphill, one downhill). 
The out basket: Mark Dorsey, public works director for the city, says nothing different was done in rerouting traffic for the Aug. 1-2 painting party than is done for the Cruz car show, the Fathoms O’ Fun Parade, Festival of Chimes and Lights and other events that occupy Port Orchard’s main street. “Car traffic is detoured up Kitsap to Rockwell……and the truck traffic detoured up Port Orchard Boulevard to Tremont,” he said.

Alexis might want to approach the city council if she’s like to see that changed .

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