Why have only the white stripes been renewed?

The in basket: Jeff Denton asks “Why is the county not repainting all of the yellow striping on county roads?  I have seen them painting the white striping on most roads, but not the yellow striping.”

He cited Clear Creek and Newberry Hill roads and Seabeck Highway as examples. “Previously, I have watched them paint the stripes together at the same time,” he said. “I thought that they might be trying to save some money on not painting the center line this year.”

I, too, though they normally did both colors at the same time on whatever road they were striping, and noticed the same thing Jeff mentions on Tracyton Boulevard, Central Valley and Pine roads.

The out basket: Despite our impression of how it is normally done, says Jeff Shea, county traffic engineer, doing different colors at different times is the county’s procedure,

“We stripe the white and yellow separately,” he said. There are exceptions to this methodology, but in general we try to do all the white first and then do the yellow.  The truck configuration and support vehicles change to do the different colors, so we’ve found the most efficient method is to do one color at a time.

The county says it repaints every stripe on its roads every year.

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