Driver not seeing flashes from the red light cameras


The in basket: Dave DuBois wonders if all of Bremerton’s red light cameras are working.

“I haven’t seen any of them flash in quite some time,’ he said, “and while I can’t say for the other cameras, the one at Marine Drive and Kitsap Way has not been functional for several weeks. 

“I observed that first hand on Friday (July 17) as we sat at the signal, waiting to turn left onto Kitsap Way. Due to the first driver in line being asleep, the left-turn light changed right after he finally went through and the two cars in front of me went through after the light turned red and there was no flash from the camera. 

“I have to wonder if Bremerton  turned them off due to the lawsuit pending about the amount being charged – like they did the first time someone challenged them after being ticketed when the tattle-tale lights were installed.”

And Willa Dean Howell phoned to ask, “What nine intersections have cameras?”

The out basket: Willa has the number of intersections confused with the number of cameras. There are nine cameras, two each at 11th and Warren, 16th and Warren (at the college), Sylvan and Wheaton and Kitsap Way and Marine Drive, and one at 11th and Callow.

For some reason, the state law permitting camera enforcement limits use of the cameras to only two directions per intersection., 

Lt. Pete Fisher, the city police traffic lieutenant, without getting into detail, says “All of the cameras are working.  My guess is that this occurred while the system was being checked and/or maintained.”

Dave’s eyes must be better than mine (Whose aren’t?) I’ve never seen one of the cameras flash.

2 thoughts on “Driver not seeing flashes from the red light cameras

  1. Yes, they do flash!

    If you are in the intersection with a red light and you see the flash, expect a ticket in the mail!

  2. My theory would be, given the long bright days we’ve been experiencing, there has been no need for the strobes and or the sunlight is keeping you from noticing. It would depend on whether the camera is set up to strobe with every picture or only when low light requires it for picture clarity.

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