“Your Speed Is” sign on a trial run

The in basket: There’s a shiny new “Your speed is” sign on Silverdale Way heading south. I asked the county whether it’s something we’ll be seeing more of.

The out basket: Jeff Shea, Kitsap County’s traffic engineer, says “The sign is a demo loaner from a vendor so we can evaluate its effectiveness. 

“Other communities, including Seattle, Tacoma, and Bellevue, have had success in calming traffic with this type of sign. We used the same sign a few weeks ago on Lemolo Shore Road. We saw a fairly significant slowing of traffic due to the sign.”

The sign told me I was doing 23 mph when I passed it in Silverdale Wednesday evening, so something was slowing traffic.

“If the sign proves effective, we may request funding in the next budget cycle to acquire some,” Jeff said. “The signs cost between $5,000 and $10,000 each.”

5 thoughts on ““Your Speed Is” sign on a trial run

  1. The “your speed” sign is a good idea.

    It would be informative to have the speed limit posted on the same sign.

  2. The 30 mile speed limit on this stretch is a joke. Nothing but a money pit for the county. They are there radaring commuters weekly.

  3. Seems like an odd place to try it out. It gets very congested on that stretch in the late afternoon.

    It was reading less than 15 mph on everybody when I went by. It was an unkind reminder that we were all stuck in traffic as if we didn’t know it.

  4. Strangely enough if you don’t know what the speed limit is you can speed up until the sign blinks your speed and then you know what the speed limit is.

  5. The “Your Speed Sign” is a good way to review just how well your cars speedometer is working. Most of the time my car is pegged (cruise control is a wonderful thing) at the speed posted, where as the YSS will say it is 2 to 3 mph lower than speedometer. No, it’s not a good reason to speed up, just something to keep in mind when you are driving by one and your cars speedometer numbers are lower / higher than posted. BTW it’s most effective if you are the only car passing at the time, ’cause they are only suppose to be one way “checking” and I am certain that some will catch the opposite passing cars… An example of this is when you are driving on Fauntleroy Road towards the Tully’s / Starbucks /Zeekes Pizza, you have to drive slowly in the morning due to the morning construction work, but in the afternoon you can go relatively close to the speed limit and the cars coming towards Seattle from that direction appear to be driving faster than the “suggested” limit (did I mention there are only two (2) available lanes through there?).

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