Why Shelton, not Tacoma, on Silverdale signs?

The in basket: Bud Larsen of Manchester wonders why Shelton, not Tacoma, is paired with Bremerton on the destination signs at the new interchange in Silverdale.

More people in need of advice on what access leads where would be likely to be looking for Tacoma than for Shelton, he figures.

The out basket: Steve Bennett, traffic operations engineer for the state’s Olympic Region, says, “Our typical guide signing includes the State Route symbol, the compass direction and major cities on the route, in this case, SR 3, South and Bremerton/Shelton.   As Tacoma is not on SR 3, it would be misleading to include Tacoma on that sign. We do include Tacoma on a mileage sign on SR 3, about 3 miles south of the interchange.”

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