Sedgwick-Sidney signal hadn’t been working

The in basket: Thom Smithson wrote on May 6 to say something was wrong with the traffic signal at Sedgwick and Sidney roads in Port Orchard.

“The timing on this light going east and west on Sedgwick has been totally screwed up for months,” he said. “For a while it has let east and west and turn traffic on Sedgwick sit for up to five minutes watching little or no traffic go by on Sidney. 

“Yesterday evening was too much,” he said. “I was going east on Sedgwick and was stopped at the intersection for its normal extended wait but it did a new one. I sat through two cycles watching Sydney traffic go north and south with the usual interminable wait but this time the light stayed red for us going east while the west bound straight and turn traffic went their merry way. I finally managed to illegally inch past the lady in front of me on the right and turn south on Sidney then go through the Albertson’s parking lot to get past the intersection.

“Please see if you can get anyone to look into this.”

The out basket: It should be fixed now. Mark Dorsey, Port Orchard’s public works director, had the city of Bremerton signal shop, with which Port Orchard contracts for signal maintenance, check the signal and they found “some errors in the computer….made repairs/adjustments.  Hopefully it is fixed,” he said.

Thom tells me,”East and west on Sedgwick is still a bit long but not as bad as it was.”

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