Pot hole adds urgency to Mile Hill question


The in basket: Robert Leone inquires about the stretch of highway on Mile Hill in Port Orchard just downhill from The China West restaurant, where the pavement has been deteriorating. 

A paving project by Kitsap County a couple of years ago stopped just short of the stretch in question, even though the upper layer of asphalt had delaminated from the lower layer, creating some shallow depressions that look worse than they are.

“Since then the road has become much worse,” Robert said. “I think someone wrote in about the problem back then and the response was the county thought it was the

state’s problem and the state thought it was the county’s responsibility. Does this sound familiar?”

The out basket: Indeed it does, and the issue was among a variety of things state and city of Port Orchard officials talked about in a January meeting.

Kitsap County is off the hook on this one, as its jurisdiction seems to end where its paving ended, just uphill from Harrison Avenue.

I wouldn’t have agreed with Robert that the road has become much worse, until I saw a few days ago that one of the delaminations in the uphill lanes has turned into a pot hole. Those can be much deeper and damaging to cars than the delaminations that have produced just a minor bump. Cars swerving to avoid them has been a greater problem until now. 

Mark Dorsey, Port Orchard’s public works director, said a contract designating maintenance responsibilities for Highway 166, which ends somewhere in that area, says the state will maintain it to the eastern city limits. 

But the eastern city limits moved with an annexation or two since the agreement was created, so the question becomes does it mean the city limits then or the city limits now. The deliminated roadway lies between the old and new city limits

Mark says state lawyers have been asked to rule on it. If that takes a while, I hope the city or state takes it upon itself to fill the pot hole before a bunch of cars get damaged.

One thought on “Pot hole adds urgency to Mile Hill question

  1. Why should the County go to the expense of re-paving that conserned section of Mile Hill if they can go out every once and a while with a couple of guys with a shovel and fill the pot holes in – make sense doesn’t it? They need to stop playing arround and get the problem fixed before it becomes something bigger!

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