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11 thoughts on “Motorcycle helmets inside convenience stores

  1. For cyclists wearing helmets and dark glasses and needing canes to walk, carrying anything can be a challenge…especially the large helmet.
    How would they handle such a law?

  2. I was recently at convenience store in north carolina and the clerk told me to remove my helmet and she said it is the law not to wear one in any store. I dont belive her. i think they can only request you to take it off…like have a sign up about it…if it is a law im sure everyone would know about it.

    1. Get a job at 7eleven and feel the fear of a helmeted customer walking in ,,,,, and after your robbed your answer to the police . ” I don’t know what he looked like he was wearing a helmet” think about it

  3. I can see it now. A cyclist using canes to walk refused to remove her helmet and is arrested…
    Not in this country please…

  4. If I were using two canes to walk, I seriously doubt if I would be either riding a bicycle, or driving a motorcycle.

  5. Yes, It is against the law in most states to wear any masks/helmet in a convenience store. Its called the ANTI MASK LAW. here in Washington it is; Washington, 418 U.S. 405 , 409 (94 S.C. 2727, 41 LE2d 842) (1974)).

  6. I was recently àsked by a store clerk to remove my sunglasses while in store. She said it was the”law”. I complied with her request and left my purchase@the counter!! I dont need to give her my business. And after unsuccessfully finging ANY LAW about it for this state. Google and all. Needless to say i was very offended and will nvr return to that store to purchase anything!!Sunglasses r not.

  7. Think about it u can have a beanie on and glasses and get that same effect so for u to judge people based of ur fears is unreasonable

  8. I read this blog and I really like it. in my opinion helmet is very important for every rider for their safety but when a helmet came with Bluetooth communication system life becomes great, this help to attend any important calls. I also provide a Bluetooth helmet.

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