All that hardware on downtown Bremerton signal poles

The in basket: Lonnie Scott  was looking at all the hardware on the traffic signal cross arms on Sixth Street in Bremerton, at its intersections with Pacific and Washington avenues.  “What are they?” he asked

In checking out those two intersections and a few others downtown, I noticed five different types of attachment on the signal arms.

One looked like the head of a duck with two bills, another was identical except for having only one bill, one looked like a small flood light, there were tall, thin poles with cameras pointing down at traffic and lastly there were horizontal antennas of some sort on one cross arm each at Pacific and at Washington.

I figured that I knew what all but the antennas were for, but I asked Greg Cryder of the city signal shop to fill in any gaps in my guesses.

The out basket: Greg confirmed my belief that the tall poles with cameras are the traffic detectors with which many jurisdictions are replacing their in-pavement wire detectors, both kinds of the ducks heads are receivers with which transit buses and emergency vehicles can control the lights to make or keep them green, and the small flood lights flash to indicate to drivers that such a vehicle is seeking control of the light and go solid when the connection is made.

As for the antennas, one provides wi-fi signals for people with laptops downtown, and others link the traffic signals between Sixth and Washington, Sixth and Warren and Burwell and Washington – and the master controller in the Norm Dicks government building – to coordinate the lights. They are part of the downtown tunnel project, he said.

2 thoughts on “All that hardware on downtown Bremerton signal poles

  1. This is related to some of the anymous boxes on light poles. There are some boxes with small tree shaped antennas on the light poles along Ridgetop Boulevard where there are no traffic lights. What is their function?

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