Can proposed system track lapsed license tags?

The in basket: Jim Thompson of Manchester in South Kitsap read the story in the Sept. 5 Kitsap Sun about the system Bremerton is close to employing that will automatically scan license plates on cars an officer’s patrol car passes and signal the officer if any of the plates are from stolen cars, or are associated with wanted felons or an Amber alert for a missing child.�

Jim thought it also would alert the officer to those with license tabs that hadn’t been renewed in time, notably those with renewal dates that have passed, but are still within the month shown on the tab.

The out basket: Won’t happen, says Lt. Pete Fisher of the Bremerton police traffic division. The scanner is linked to the National Criminal Information Computer (NCIC), so any “hits” will be on information that data base stores. License tab status is on the state Department of Licensing data base, but not NCIC, so there is no chance the scanner would reveal such a delinquency, he said.

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