Traffic signal requested at Lund and Hoover

The in basket: Jim Herron of Hoover Avenue in South Kitsap, on behalf of his wife, Shirley, wonders if a traffic signal might be installed and made active for part of the day on Lund Avenue at Hoover Avenue. 

“In the afternoon, when school buses join the regular traffic

waiting at the Hoover/Lund intersection for a break in the Lund

traffic,” he said, “cars and buses line up nearly to the Lincoln Avenue

intersection near the South Kitsap School District administration

offices.  Most times of the day, there are seldom more than three

or four vehicles waiting, but at that one time of day, it really

backs up.”

They’d like to see a traffic signal operating “during that particularly busy hour.

“We don’t really need it the rest of the time, although, of course,

it would be nice for those entering Lund from Hoover, but that

would inconvenience the much heavier regular traffic on Lund,” he noted.

The out basket: Help is on the way, but not for a few years and making use of it will require a circuitous route for buses and Hoover traffic.

Doug Bear of Kitsap County Public Works says the county has evaluated a signal at Lund and Harris Road two streets to the east of Hoover, and expects to include it in next year’s six-year road plan.  

“Once on the plan, it will probably be five or six years before the signal is installed,” he said. “That would provide signalized access to Lund for buses and would alleviate the situation your reader describes at Lund and Harris. To use such a new light, the traffic Jim mentions would have to bypass Hoover and reach Harris via McKinley.

No light is planned at Harris and Lund, intermittent or otherwise.

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