Turn lanes to nowhere on Miller Bay Road


The in basket: Matt Thurston of Indianola writes, “In the midst of the current  

budget crisis with (Kitsap) County, I would like to point out some ‘waste’ as I  

see it. 

“On Miller Bay Road between Indianola Road and West Kingston Road there was construction for numerous months. Now the construction is complete.  

There is a right-hand turn lane and a center turn lane. The only problem  

is these lanes turn into a dirt lot. There is nothing there except an old  

abandoned building. 

“Just curious why my tax dollars paid for this,” he said. 

The out basket: The lanes were included in the 2007-’08 Miller Bay Road construction because that is to be the location of the entrance to the large North Kitsap Heritage Park to be created east of the road, says Doug Bear of the county Public Works Department. No start date has been set for building the park entrance, or the rest of the park, but the road won’t have to be torn up to put the lanes in when that happens.

In the meantime, say county park officials, people can pull in and park in the limited paved area accessed by the new lanes and make whatever park use they can manage on the undeveloped property. The county may put up a sign soon identifying the location as home to the future park.

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