Brush grows thick at Ross Point

The in basket: Roadside vegetation becomes a problem every year about now, as grass and brush put on a growth spurt in early summer. 

I’ve been watching the growth along Highway 166 at Ross Point between Gorst and Port Orchard and have visions of lions crouching in the reeds and leaping out to attack my passing car.

A greater problem, of course, is the narrowing passage available to bicycles and pedestrians approaching and in the curve. I’m surprised I haven’t heard from ‘cyclists who have less and less space between them and passing cars in a poor visibility situation. Maybe they just instinctively avoid that highway and go up Highway 16 to the Port Orchard exits.

I wondered when the state’s mowing crews would get around to Ross Point.

The out basket: It turns out I was on the wrong track. The city of Port Orchard, which includes that portion of the highway, mows that area. The day after I first posted this on this blog, a city crew went out and did what so far isn’t a very impressive job of cutting back the grass. 

City Public Works foreman Jay Cookson said they did that much even though the city’s mower has been under repair because conditions at Ross Point were getting so bad and he had the same concerns I did. They’ll get the mower fully fixed and go back to finish the job before the state’s repaving of Highway 166 from Gorst begins in August, he said.



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