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4 thoughts on “Three more issues at Silverdale interchange

  1. When they finished the bridge over the creek at Silverdale Way NW and the 303 overpass, they never put the 40 mph sign back up.

    I guess it’s still 40? S/B traffic doesn’t change to 30 until right before the fire station. Otherwise the county would have put a 30 mph sign up and flagged it so we would notice it, right??? Oh, wait, they didn’t put flags up on the speed change at Byron, so why would they at the north end of Silverdale Way?

    Speaking of Newberry Hill/Silverdale Way; if you turn onto Silverdale Way from Chico there is nothing to notify you that the speed is no longer 40, instead it is now 30…

  2. I think it’s a ruse by the “powers-that-be” in order to confuse the drivers and to increase the amount of money in the public coffers. Entering Gorst from the east one drives 60 mph. A sign indicates an upcoming change to 40 mph. On the other side of Gorst the speed limit becomes 50. Upon entering B’ton it changes to 45. A bit later it’s down to 30 and finally 25. That’s 5 different speed changes in as many miles. I don’t change my mind that often.

  3. How about letting people know which lane takes you to Clear Creek Rd?
    No sign for Clear Creek Rd exists until you are almost at the junction….at least I didn’t see one yesterday when I ventured onto the Rascality Silverdale Interchange.
    Sharon O’Hara

  4. Regarding the Wagga Way junction, known as Malfunction Junction. It might also be called Suicide Junction. A few days ago, as I approached the red light West bound in the left turn lane of Wagga Way to go South on Hwy 3, I was met by a woman in a Ford Explorer as she turned left off the Southbound Hwy 3 ramp to take Wagga Way East. She was in my lane and as she realized it, rather than slowing to let the drivers in the two correct lanes pass, she floored it and continued straight towards me in my lane creating a potential head-on collision with me as well as a potential side-swipe on her right. Fortunately, I was able to brake in time and she accelerated past a Ford pickup and entered the correct lane.

    This intersection is an accident waiting to happen. Someone is going to die there someday. I don’t propose to know what the solution is, but there has to be a better way to route traffic through there. The people that designed this mess should be required to redesign it and the state/county should suck up the added cost.

    In over 50 years of driving across the United States, I’ve never seen a more dangerous intersection nor one as poorly designed as this one.

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