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Drunken driving and the 0.08 limit



The in basket: Gary Moore of Central Kitsap knows someone facing a drunken driving charge even though the person blew a 0.05 on the breathalyzer test after being stopped by an officer.

There was no infraction or accident involved, he said. Another officer felt the person had driven across the edge line and radioed ahead for another officer to stop the person.

State law says 0.08 blood alcohol is the lower limit for a DUI,  he said, adding. “They can’t have it both ways.”

The out basket: Well, actually, they can.

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High gas prices and drive-up windows


The in basket: Gas prices have gone up sharply this year. You may have heard about it. They have generated a lot of news stories about how people are having trouble making ends meet and cutting back on their driving.

So when I drove by the Starbucks on Lund Avenue in South Kitsap at mid-day a week or so ago, I was surprised to see six cars lined up at the drive-up window. There may have been more around the corner. 

It didn’t appear that those drivers had made even a  fundamental concession to $4.30 gas.

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New Highway 304 HOV lane pummeled



The in basket: Debra Buchholz and Dave Dahlke, both of Port Orchard, consider the new HOV lane coming out of Bremerton on Highway 304 a waste of money. 

“We now have an HOV lane, wow, for what, a whole mile, just to have more idiots try to hurry and merge at

the last minute,” wrote Debra.

“Who’s idea was this?” she asked. “I truly would love to know so I can

charge them when someone in my family gets hit by some impatient driver who says, ‘Yeah, I will use the HOV to pass all of the patient people trying to get

home from the shipyard during rush hour.’ 

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Turn lanes to nowhere on Miller Bay Road


The in basket: Matt Thurston of Indianola writes, “In the midst of the current  

budget crisis with (Kitsap) County, I would like to point out some ‘waste’ as I  

see it. 

“On Miller Bay Road between Indianola Road and West Kingston Road there was construction for numerous months. Now the construction is complete.  

There is a right-hand turn lane and a center turn lane. The only problem  

is these lanes turn into a dirt lot. There is nothing there except an old  

abandoned building. 

“Just curious why my tax dollars paid for this,” he said. 

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Shouldn’t water and sewer lines go on the shoulder?

The in basket: Rick Willlams, a South Kitsap motorcyclist, says 

“All roadways have various utility covers, often left recessed, so they are sometimes a little hazardous. 

“Why are they put down the middle of the street instead of at the side of the road,” he asked. The pavement wouldn’t have to be dug up to repair them if they were off to the side. Continue reading

Why are manhole covers round?



The in basket: As I told you in the last  Road Warrior, General Manager Larry Curles of the West Sound Utility District (the merged Karcher Creek Sewer District and Annapolis Water District) had a quasi-riddle for me when I called him to ask why sewer and water lines are laid in the street rather than on the shoulder.

He asked if I knew why manholes covers are round?

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Three-way stop at temporary Belfair-Tahuya bridge


The in basket: Jim and Judy Rowsen called about confusion over right of way at a temporary bridge on Belfair-Tahuya Road at Tahuya River Drive in Mason County. 

There is a stop sign at each end of the bridge and a third on Tahuya River Drive at one end of the bridge, which replaces a span washed out last December.

The locals have adopted the practice of all cars on one end of the bridge going at once, they said, with all those waiting on the other end then going all at once.  

But when their 22-year-old daughter did it that way, and followed the car ahead of her across, even though she stopped at the stop sign, a Mason County Sheriff’s deputy second in line on the other side waved her over.

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Yellow speed signs breed misunderstanding


The in basket: Diane V., who doesn’t want her full name used, and Barbara Burritt asked similar questions about speed advisory signs in Silverdale.

Diane was confused by a 25-mile-per-hour sign at the head of the upper on-ramp from Newberry Hill Road to southbound Highway 3. 

And Barbara found similar signs at the new interchange where Highway 3 meets Highway 303 puzzling.

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Brush grows thick at Ross Point

The in basket: Roadside vegetation becomes a problem every year about now, as grass and brush put on a growth spurt in early summer. 

I’ve been watching the growth along Highway 166 at Ross Point between Gorst and Port Orchard and have visions of lions crouching in the reeds and leaping out to attack my passing car.

A greater problem, of course, is the narrowing passage available to bicycles and pedestrians approaching and in the curve. I’m surprised I haven’t heard from ‘cyclists who have less and less space between them and passing cars in a poor visibility situation. Maybe they just instinctively avoid that highway and go up Highway 16 to the Port Orchard exits.

I wondered when the state’s mowing crews would get around to Ross Point.

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