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2 thoughts on “Get those speeders, John Law!!

  1. Since speed bumps worked so well on Tracyton, and in Hansville, let’s put speed bumps on all county roads. Better yet, lets quit maintaining the pavement, and the speed bumps will form automatically.

  2. How dare people try to save 15 minutes/day off their commute! Thats about 62 hrs/yr. and at 35 mph that means about 2,200 extra miles.

    Ms. Smith sees no problem with asking those people to endure that extra wear and tear and about $500 extra in fuel for her and her dogs. The hours saved is equivalent to 1.5 work weeks, time that those people may or could be spending with their children and loved ones. Apparently Ms Smith places her and her pet’s peace above that.

    If Susan Smith is complaining even about those legally driving down Old Military Road, her criticism of others is probably exaggerated. What a wonderful neighbor she must be.

    Oh, and times have changed. Jane Law might be sent to issue her own neighbors those $124 tickets for going 5 over the limit.

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