Get those speeders, John Law!!

The in basket: Susan Smith goes for our attention with the following e-mail: “Damn! How can we slow these drivers down? It is 35 mph on Old Military Road NE and we like to walk our dogs on Saturday and Sunday mornings. But some of the folks who live on this road come out of their driveways like bats out of hell and the road walkers/joggers are forced into the ditch to escape becoming hood ornaments.
“And then we have those who choose to use this road as a short cut to and from work to … shave 15 minutes off their commute time,” she said.

“Many of us walk and jog on this road AND I would like to remind the Lead Feet it is still a rural area despite what they think. Last Friday night I was so close to becoming a road pizza by a young blonde driver in a silver Toyota it wasn’t funny … AND she flipped me off as she passed me doing 60 mph.
“Perhaps we could fill the coffers of the county by sitting John Law at the Island Lake Cemetery and passing out a few speeding tickets,” Susan suggests. “I would feel safer as would the many joggers and walkers that still embrace the opportunity to go out and enjoy life. 
“Law Enforcement: SHUT DOWN the Speeders on Old Military.”
The out basket: The county sheriff used to have an online form on which a citizen can request speed enforcement at a specific location, but Deputy Scott Wilson says that may have been phased out when an employee dedicated to maintaining the department Web site was shifted to another division.
That doesn’t mean you can’t make the request though. In addition to the KCSO phone number of (360) 337-7101, a request for a speed patrol can be made to Wilson’s e-mail at or to the part-time Web administrator who has taken over some of the tasks of the transferred employee, at
“Both of these methods are used by the general public to communicate with the sheriff’s office about a variety of topics,” Scott said.
I’m reminded, however, of what the late Sheriff Art Morken used to say about community requests for speed enforcement. Perhaps it was a little rationalization on his part, but he used to say that the speeders such patrols catch most often are the neighbors – who drive there most often.
Since Susan’s anger includes neighbors who leave their driveways like those proverbial bats, that may be fine with her.

2 thoughts on “Get those speeders, John Law!!

  1. Since speed bumps worked so well on Tracyton, and in Hansville, let’s put speed bumps on all county roads. Better yet, lets quit maintaining the pavement, and the speed bumps will form automatically.

  2. How dare people try to save 15 minutes/day off their commute! Thats about 62 hrs/yr. and at 35 mph that means about 2,200 extra miles.

    Ms. Smith sees no problem with asking those people to endure that extra wear and tear and about $500 extra in fuel for her and her dogs. The hours saved is equivalent to 1.5 work weeks, time that those people may or could be spending with their children and loved ones. Apparently Ms Smith places her and her pet’s peace above that.

    If Susan Smith is complaining even about those legally driving down Old Military Road, her criticism of others is probably exaggerated. What a wonderful neighbor she must be.

    Oh, and times have changed. Jane Law might be sent to issue her own neighbors those $124 tickets for going 5 over the limit.

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