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3 thoughts on “New Highway 305 HOV lanes not much used

  1. Those HOV lanes are a huge nuisance to me.
    If I leave the Kitsap Bank or Albertsons on Liberty, and I want to go south on 305, during the HOV hours, I still have to turn into the HOV lane. It is illegal to turn directly into the inside lane.
    Once headed south, there is no break in the solid line in order to get out of the HOV lane until you get to Lincoln. That break is too late to get into the left lane in order to enter the left turn pocket for Lincoln.
    The same thing is true for getting into the correct lane to turn left on Hostmark.
    Entering 305 by turning right into the HOV lane puts the single occupant driver in a Hobson’s Choice situation. Leave and potentially get a ticket or stay and potentially get a ticket.

  2. Cean shares a misconception with many drivers that it is always illegal to cross a solid white line. If crossing such a line takes a person off the legal roadway, such as onto the shoulder or into the “gore” between a freeway lane and an on-ramp, it is illegal. But when crossing the white line merely moves a driver from one legal travel lane to another, such as on Highway 305, it’s perfectly legal as long as one signals and yields to traffic in the lane being entered.
    Officer Darrell Moore of Poulsbo police says, incidentally, that his department is not yet writing tickets for HOV lane violations on 305, but are issuing warnings.

  3. Yep, you said it Travis. The HOV lanes are there to try and make people get out of their cars and use mass transit or get into someone’s carpool. They are not there to expedite traffic which is really a red herring.

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