Where did patriotic banners on bridge go?

The in basket: Ann Lafair writes, “There were some flags on the Warren Avenue Bridge poles that honored some of the Kitsap County people who died fighting in Iraq. They were there for some time, although I do not recall how long.  They have been gone for several months now.” 
She wonders why.
The out basket: The city moved them to a spot that provides a better chance for drivers to notice and read them, and where wind won’t wear on them so much, says Bob Tulp, operations manager for Bremerton public works.
That spot is at and near the intersection of Highway 304 and Farragut Avenue near the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard gate on its west end.
“We determined with Lynn George that the speed limit on the bridge didn’t give people enough time to read them,” Bob said. “We wanted them near a stop light to give the public a real opportunity to see them.”
Lynette George heads Blue Star Banner Program of Kitsap County, the organization that has campaigned to get the recognition banners displayed on local streets. Gold stars denote those “who have given the ultimate sacrifice and died while serving,” as George’s Web site puts it, and will be displayed indefinitely. Blue star banners recognize someone serving in the military, who will be presented with the banner when he or she gets out.
“Lynn goes out and gets the money and works with the government entities to get them hung,” Bob said. “When our staff goes out and hangs them on a Saturday, we are donating our time and equipment.” There is often a ceremony when a gold star banner is hung, if the family wishes, he said. A motorcycle group often takes part.
The flags were on the bridge for a year or less before being moved several months ago, he said.
Learn more about the program at www.kitsapbluestar.org or (360) 440-6497

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