Monthly Archives: April 2008

That misleading freeway sign in Silverdale

The in basket: Peggy Roney is the latest to ask about the misleading sign along Highway 3 as one heads south approaching Silverdale, reading “East Bremerton” then “Exit Only.”
“The signs are confusing!” she says. “I would figure that (the first one) would mean that there is a mysterious Silverdale exit somewhere else. Then, at the last minute, there is a sign that lets you know that this is where you must exit to go to East Bremerton AND Silverdale!!
“I know people that have come from out of town and found this same confusing problem,” she said. “Are they going to fix the exit signs?”

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The new flashing yellow left turn signals

The in basket: Peggy Lee of Port Orchard says her husband and her “have noticed that a large majority of the left-turn signals (there) have been set to a flashing yellow.
“I have witnessed a number of near-miss car accidents,” she said, “where cars tired of waiting for traffic to clear have turned in front of on-coming traffic and have nearly been broad-sided…
“I was wondering if you could find out the rational behind changing the left turn signals to flashing yellow. I would also like to make a complaint to whomever has made this decision,” she said.

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Why does Sheridan Road school zone remain?

The in basket: Tim Calnan says in an e-mail, “I see the Bremerton School District has “boarded-up” the old East High on Sheridan Road.
“However, the local authorities seem to sitting with radar at Cherry and Sheridan and the 20 mph school zone sign is still up. Is this a matter of not enough time to take the sign down or are the restrictions (20 mph 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.) still in place?”

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