Mystery stretch for Gorst speed limits

The in basket: Bob Edwards of Manchester wonders what the speed limit is on Highway 16 heading into Gorst between its merge with Highway 166 coming out of Port Orchard and the start of the 40 mph zone in Gorst.
Cars coming into Gorst on Highway 16 have a 60 mph speed limit, but those coming in from Port Orchard in the inside lane at the merge have had to obey 45 mph speed limit signs.
How is a newcomer to the area to know that the speed limit has increased if, in fact, it has increased for those coming out of Port Orchard, he asked.
The out basket: State Trooper Krista Hedstrom of the Bremerton detachment says, “Once a person merges onto SR-16, the speed limit would become 60 mph
regardless of which lane you are in.
“I was not aware there was not a speed limit sign once SR-166 merges with SR-16,” she added. “With no sign indicating the speed limit increase, a newcomer would have no way to know that the speed limit had increased to 60.”
She contacted the state transportation department about what might be done to correct the problem. Steve Bennett, one of the state traffic engineers, says they’ll give drivers a hint by moving the “Reduced Speed Ahead” sign warning of the 40 mph zone in Gorst another 600 feet toward Port Orchard and posting it on both sides of the westbound lanes. The 40 zone itself will not change, though. “We think it would be a good idea to begin slowing traffic before they round the curve into Gorst,” he said.
Back in February, Nelson Lanchester observed that the customary warning sign of an impending speed limit reduction is missing for those going the opposite direction, from Gorst into Port Orchard. The 60 mph zone that just started a few thousand feet back drops to 45 mph without warning when one enters Highway 166. Steve said they will address that with a “Ramp Speed 45” sign in lieu of the normal reduced speed ahead sign.

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