When did Silverdale Way speed limit change?

The in basket: Tiffany Parsons wonders when the speed limit on Silverdale Way heading toward Chico Way was changed after her husband got a ticket for exceeding the new 30 mph limit.

The in basket: Tiffany Parsons says in an e-mail, “Last month on his way home from work, my husband got a speeding ticket coming out of Silverdale towards Chico Way. When he was pulled over the officer, asked him if he knew what the speed limit was. He replied “40 mph”.
For as long as he has lived here (15 years) it has been 40 mph, until apparently recently when it was lowered to 30 mph. My question is: Where can I find out when the speed limit was lowered?
The out basket: Doug Bear of Kitsap County Public Works says it was about a year ago.
The county commissioners approved the reduction last June 18 and the speed limit signs were all changed by July 5, he said, adding, “Higher traffic volumes and increased accident history prompted the change.”

4 thoughts on “When did Silverdale Way speed limit change?

  1. I never noticed the speed limit change until last month. I had noticed the change from 40 to 35 going from 303 into Silverdale over a year ago. However, I have never noticed the reduction nor have I seen any flags for traffic leaving Silverdale (s/b).

  2. No wonder I am constantly tailgated in the 30 MPH zone, obviously no one reads the signs. Maybe the county needs to install larger, flashing speed limit signs to grab the driving publics attention! It is obvious that the orange flags did not produce the intended result.

  3. Let’s just put in speed bumps. It works so well in Hansville and Tracyton! In fact, let’s put speed bumps on all of the county roads. Think of all the accidents that would prevent.

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