Monthly Archives: March 2008

Has Highway 303 center barrier paid off?

The in basket: The uproar over the new single point urban interchange, as it’s called, in Silverdale, has been so intense it has even surpassed reader and driver anger over the center barrier the state had built on Highway 303 from south of McWilliams Road to north of Fairgrounds Road a few years ago. I wondered if accident patterns since its construction have justified its construction.

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Getting a front plate that matches your rear plate

The in basket: A reader whose name I’ve lost, if she ever provided it, wrote on the Road Warrior blog at in December to say, “My fiancee just got pulled over in our Camaro here in Tacoma for not having a front license plate. (The officer) issued us a $124 ticket, and also cited us $550 for no insurance.”
“We have 15 days to try to fix it and they will change it to a warning,” she said, “but I don’t know where we can get a new plate in that amount of time.”

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About those “Day and Night” seat belt signs

The in basket: When the roadside “Click it or Ticket” signs warning of the requirement that vehicle occupants must wear a seat belt began having the words “Day and Night” added to them, I was amused and wondered what problem that was intended to solve. Were their drivers who thought the law didn’t apply at night, or that the police couldn’t see that they were unbelted when it’s dark?

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