Getting Anderson Hill traffic to Silverdale’s freeways

The in basket: Anne Pitman of Seabeck says “If I was a state highway planner, the first thing I’d do is create an on- and off-ramp somewhere around the intersection of Anderson Hill Road and Old Frontier Road (in Silverdale) for direct access to Highway 3.

The in basket: Anne Pitman of Seabeck says “If I was a state highway planner, the first thing I’d do is create an on- and off-ramp somewhere around the intersection of Anderson Hill Road and Old Frontier Road (in Silverdale) for direct access to Highway 3.
“Old Frontier runs parallel to Highway 3 but doesn’t allow access, until the Trigger Ave on-ramp…and then say ‘Hello’ to Bangor traffic!” she said.
“As it is, Anderson Hill Road motorists wanting to go to East Bremerton, Poulsbo, or even West Bremerton must continue under the bridge, past two schools (try this at 7:45 a.m. and again at 2:45 p.m.), weave through a number of traffic lights, merging with stop-and-go Silverdale motorists, to finally get to the new gnarly interchange maze (which I’m sure we’ll all get used to) to either northbound Highway 3 or eastbound Highway 303 and Waaga Way.
“Wouldn’t any traffic revision that would circumvent the Silverdale congestion be a good thing?” she asked.
The out basket: Yes, and one is coming, but not the interchange Anne seeks.
Those who read Brynn Grimley’s report on Kitsap County plans next year to extend Waaga Way from the new “gnarly interchange maze” to Old Frontier Road in the Sunday, Dec. 2, edition probably recognized the road as a new way to the freeways in Silverdale. In fact, it will arc well to the south from the shortest possible alignment, to make that a more attractive connection. The construction is scheduled for next year, but need to repair of the Dec. 2-3 storm damage to county roads may push it back.
As attractive as on- and off-ramps on Highway 3 at Anderson Hill Road would be, they have a major design obstacle that has always made them a long-shot. Highway engineers don’t like to build interchanges any closer than two miles apart, though they shrink that to one-mile in highly congested areas like Seattle.
The basic philosophy is that lane changes are a major accident cause, and the “weave” of cars moving onto a freeway and moving left mixing with those preparing to exit and moving right is best accomplished with at least two miles to stretch things out. The existing interchanges at Newberry Hill Road and Kitsap Mall Boulevard are too close for an Anderson Hill Road interchange to comply.
Besides that, ramps cost millions and no money has ever been set aside for such a project.
It remains to be seen whether those on Anderson Hill Road wanting to go south on Highway 3 will find the new road an improvement over going south on Provost Road and entering the freeway at Newberry Hill Road.

4 thoughts on “Getting Anderson Hill traffic to Silverdale’s freeways

  1. Beside the two-mile rule of thumb for ramps… isn’t development already in place for the Waaga Way-Old Frontier Road extension?

  2. I called the county when the intersection was torn up at the intersection of Old Frontier and Anderson Hill Rd. I pointed out that this would be a good opportunity to install a right hand turn lane for those of us coming from Seabeck and wanted to turn right at the light to head south on Provost to get to the highway. I felt this would prevent backups at that light.
    I was told by staffers that the “engineers” had looked at this and did not think there would be enough volume to justify a turn lane. I think we need to look farther down the road than what is happening today and look to the needs of tomorrow.

  3. Hey, Anne! It’s “If I were a state highway planner.” Plural very after a conditional. 🙂 I thought you were ‘retired’ and had no reason to come into town any more! Love, M.

  4. I read with interest about the red light cameras being installed. One intersection mentioned was Kitsap Way & Marine Drive. This is a very large intersection!
    Going straight on Kitsap Way, the lights are fine. But if you live on Marine Drive or Rocky Point, the left turn lights often only give time for 2 or 3 cars, before the yellow light comes on! Many times, I have been in the middle of my left turn, when the light changes.
    So, I see a lot of profit coming in for the city! I believe a further study should be done! Unless the plan is to fill the cities coffers at the expense of we, who live on Marine Drive and Rocky Point!

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