Monthly Archives: July 2007

More details on how transponders work

The in basket: The big day is upon us, with tolls starting Monday on the Tacoma Narrows crossing. So I’ll mop up some questions that came in earlier about the tolls.
David Rhine asks: “Can you please explain to me why I should not be able to port my Good to Go! account/transponder with me when I borrow someone else’s vehicle, am renting a car, or have out of town guests visiting and I am riding with them?  

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Balding grass mats on Mile Hill Drive

The in basket: The county finally put the edge lines on the section of Mile Hill Drive it widened last year, and the project has been accepted as finished. But I asked if the green mat laid on the slopes west of Wood Road resulted in the look the county had in mind when it let the contract. They have numerous bald patches and look pretty ratty where grass has grown through them.

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