Monthly Archives: May 2007

Road striping mysterty in East Bremerton

The in basket: Juanita Paulson says East 30th Street in Bremerton was repaved “some time back” between Perry and Trenton avenues, and for distance east of Trenton, as well. The area east of Trenton got a center stripe, but the area between Perry and Trenton did not.
“This stretch of road is not well lit and on rainy nights, it is very hard to see the edge or the middle of the road and if not judged right, one can easily go into the ditch on the side,” she said.

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Are garbage trucks a major source of litter?

The in basket: Among the questions the Road Warrior gets about roadside litter are those who suspect that garbage trucks are a major source of it.
Connie DeCicco was the latest, asking a month ago, “Why is it that when I am behind a garbage truck (Brem-Air) on the highway, I see buckets of garbage flying out. I actually had to change lanes one day because my car seemed to be in a direct line of the loose garbage.

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Barrier to left turns flattened in Poulsbo

The in basket: Nick Hayes wonders why a barricade to prevent left turns from Bond Road into the North Kitsap Medical Center’s northernmost access at Bond and Highway 305 has been removed.
“Several times I have been closer than comfortable to a head-on collision while exiting the clinic, almost meeting someone turning left across traffic,” he said.  “Apparently some people believe that they have the right of way. Is there any plan to replace the divider? ”

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