Monthly Archives: February 2007

Why no right turn at Anderson Hill & Provost?

The in basket: Complaints about the new alignment of the Provost Road/Anderson Hill Road intersection west of Silverdale, with no right turn lane being added on eastbound Anderson Hill, started to come in in September, when Linda Akerman e-mailed the Road Warrior blog about it. “The public made a right hand turn lane there on the gravel/dirt before the construction started on the new building being built there,” she said. “We need that right turn lane.”
Soon, Sharon OHara, Gary Allen, Mike Kendall and Rod Renfrow, plus Bob Hoag of the Central Kitsap Community Council, weighed in with the same opinion.

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Is new Narrows Bridge deck to be higher than the existing one?

The in basket: It appears to me that the new Tacoma Narrows Bridge’s car deck is a good 10 feet higher than that on the existing bridge. The bridge engineers have alerted reporters in several previous instances that the initial appearance of some bridge components would change as the work progresses. I asked if this is another such instance.

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Left turns at Long Lake Road

The in basket: Bill Rowe writes to say, “I travel on Long Lake Road often. When I travel south toward Sedgwick, I
must stop before crossing or making the right turn. Quite often as I turn right onto Sedgwick, I have to wait for a car that is making a left turn onto Sedgwick.
“Doesn’t the left-turn driver (have to) yield to the driver
making the right turn?” Bill asks.

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