Monthly Archives: December 2006

Dogs in the lap while driving

The in basket: Zoe Esquerra wrote last summer to ask, “What are the laws on people driving around with pets in their laps? A couple of weeks ago, I saw a guy with his dog that had to be close to 100 pounds, and Sunday, when going out of town, a guy with his dog around 30 pounds. That’s can’t be safe for the animal or the driver.”
Ronda Armstrong phoned in the same question more recently.
Zoe had seen something even weirder, though. “When coming across Warren Avenue Bridge, (a woman) was driving with her left leg hanging out the window. I thought that if she got into an accident, you can kiss that leg goodbye.”

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School Lights Flashing at Odd Time

The in basket: Rolene Buswell asks, “Who’s in charge of turning those flashing school zone lights on & off or setting the times?
“Something weird was going on this morning,” she wrote on Nov. 20. “I take my daughter to school every morning between 7:20-7:40 and we pass by the lights for Cottonwood &
Fairview on Central Valley Road. The lights for Fairview were not flashing
(this was about 7:30 and they start class at 7:25), but the lights for
Cottonwood were flashing when I took her and when I came back (they start
school at 9:10, I believe).

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Costly and Unnecessary Tow of Stolen Car

The in basket: Kim Kraft said her car was stolen recently and it cost her $208 to get it back after it was found abandoned on Knute Anderson Road a short time later. Even though she had given the sheriff’s office her cell phone number and two others, the sheriff’s office tried only one of the others, her parents’ phone, where no one answered.
So KCSO ordered that the car be towed by Silverdale Towing.
“My question is whether Silverdale Towing is the only company that
the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office uses,” Kim says.

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