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4 thoughts on “Why Smokers Keep a Window Rolled Down

  1. It’s amazing that some of these smokers don’t want their cars to be littered with cigarettes but have no problem at all throwing the butts into the streets and forests of our region.

  2. As a motorcyclist, I am acutely aware of what people are tossing out of their car windows. After reading your article, I started keeping track of, specifically, smokers. My observations have indicated that 90-95% of smokers on the highway are unaware that the car has an ashtray! They are also unaware that a lit cigarette butt impacting on my helmet’s faceshield is like fireworks exploding one inch from my eyes!! It could very easily cause an inexperienced rider to wreck. All because you didn’t use the ashtray.

  3. I am always amazed at how perfect some people portray to be and how critical they are of others and the habits others have. They are not smart enough to realize that people know and see through their pitiful personalities and brand them the whiners they truly are… Now, go make your own beds and try not to be so quick to criticize others’ habits. You do have your own bad habits, all people do. Some just do not wish to admit them!

  4. I, for one, am sick of all the needless brush fires in my area as well as others caused by careless, uncaring smokers tossing their butts out in fire season. All you have to do is drive around the roads and freeways and see the burned out areas next to the road caused by cigarettes.
    I would like to see a campaign started where citizens take down license #’s and the date and time they observed someone throw a cigarette out the window during fire season. If this was publicized these careless smokers might think twice about flipping their butts out car windows if they didn’t know who behind them might be taking down their license etc.
    Fires have come too close to my home. I get infuriated when I see someone doing this on a hot, windy, dry day. I have had serious conversations with individuals and I don’t think they will be throwing cigarette butts out the window anymore.

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