Monthly Archives: July 2006

Turn Signals Required at Road Intersections

The In Basket: Loel Wilson says, “I have a question about the use of turn signals.
“If you are in a left-, or right-turn-only lane, is it required to use your turn signals?
“Also if you are approaching an intersection that is a ‘T’ where you have to turn left or right, are turn signals required?
“I was recently stopped by an officer after a ‘T’ intersection for not using my turn signals when turning left,” he said. “I wonder if this is an infraction or if the officer was bored and wanted something to do.”

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Does Ground-Up Tire Mix Make for a Quieter Ride?

The in basket: Jack Welch of Kingston wrote a couple of years ago about how nice the ride was he encountered on highways down in the desert southwest that were paved with a mix of asphalt and ground up old tires.
I asked on his behalf about use of that mix in this state and was told there were no plans for it.
But now there are, and Jack spotted it first. He e-mailed again and noted that the mix will be tested on the highway near Everett in Snohomish County. The purpose there is to reduce noise for residents near the freeway.

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Gorst Glare May Get Attention

The in basket: Jim Lawson of Bremerton said in February, “At night, as I pass the Tremont/Clifton exit on Route 16 and round the curve at the top of the hill, I am blinded by the car lights coming up the hill from Gorst. I know they have some deflectors on top of the wall from Bremerton to Gorst. Why haven’t they, or why can’t they put deflectors on top of the wall at the top of the hill?”

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