Monthly Archives: March 2006

Exceptions to the Rule on Stopping for Buses

The out basket: Monica Garcia and Tessie Long both say they see drivers ignore the extended stop signs and flashing red lights on school buses that are loading or unloading students.
Monica writes, “I drive up and down Ridgetop Boulevard during the morning and afternoon busing times. There have been many times when I am behind a stopped bus and the lights are flashing with their stop sign out, yet a driver going the opposite direction does not stop. I’m assuming they are not stopping because there are no kids who cross through the somewhat large grassy area in the middle of the street. Isn’t it the law to stop if you see the buses lights flashing and stop sign out?”
Tessie is a bus driver for Central Kitsap schools and says drivers are getting worse about not stopping for school buses when the red flag comes out.
And, of course, Monica Boyd of Old Military Road made our paper Monday in the big red tarp and sign she is using to personally combat the practice on her road.

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Ligths at toll plaza and on Newberry Hill Road

The in basket: Don Bolles asks “Why are the toll booths at the new
narrows bridge fully illuminated when no one is around? Seems like a
waste of energy and eventually lamp failures.”
And speaking of lights, Ginny McAuley says “I really like the new
Newberry Hill Road. I’m wondering when the new street lights that were
installed will be lit. Having extra light will help the dark stretches
of the road.

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