Pumas coaches talk about Portland “head-hunting” game

Here is my story on the Pumas submitting a letter to the Premier Development League, claiming that Portland Timbers U23s coach Jim Rilatt directed his own players to target and hurt Kitsap players during last Friday’s game in Portland.

A Kitsap fan asked me to inquire about what went down at the game, which featured eight yellow cards, four red cards and saw both Rilatt and Pumas coach James Ritchie get ejected late in the second half.

Ritchie told me on Wednesday about overhearing Rilatt’s instructions during the game. On Thursday, assistants Andrew Chapman and Dustyn Brim shared similar details of the incident. Both said they’ve never heard of a soccer coach blatantly calling for what Brim described as “head-hunting” of players on the other team. The fact that Rilatt openly directed his players to commit hard fouls — and then applauded them when the fouls were committed — struck Brim as bizarre.

Chapman, who wrote the letter, said he wanted to make sure the incident was put “on file” with the league office.

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